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Safety and Environment

TechCollect NZ is Committed to Recycling E-waste Responsibly

TechCollect NZ is dedicated to setting the highest standard for responsible recycling. Our focus is equally on:

  • keeping e-waste out of landfill
  • using recycling methods that are both environmentally friendly and protect the health and safety of workers.

How is TechCollect NZ Keeping E-waste Out of Landfill and Recycling Responsibly?

Your e-waste goes to one of our recyclers, who operate to sound environmental and workplace health & safety standards, and ensure material recovered from the e-waste we collect and recycle are used as raw materials in the manufacture of new products.

All recyclers participating in the TechCollect NZ program have undergone an independent audit at every site.

Why is it Important to Recycle Responsibly?

Computers and computer accessories contain a complex mix of materials, components and substances. Once dismantled, some of these such as mercury, lead, cadmium, beryllium, chlorine, bromine and phosphors are classed hazardous.

If we allow our e-waste to go into landfill, over time these toxic substances and materials can leak into the soil and impact the local environment.

The recycling process also includes manual disassembly of products or mechanical shredding and chemical processes to separate materials. These processes can, if poorly managed, release these hazardous substances into the environment and endanger the health of workers.

TechCollect NZ ensures its recycling partners provide training, safety equipment, industrial hygiene programs and robust health, safety and environmental risk management programs to their workers.

Preventing Illegal Export

There are some reports of computers being sold illegally overseas from the Asia-Pacific region. In some cases, so called “working product” is shipped overseas only to become e-waste in another country because it’s too old for effective use or is of poor quality. This product may then be recycled in conditions that are dangerous to the health of the workers, the local community, and the environment.

To avoid this situation all computers and computer accessories that we collect are recycled WITHIN New Zealand and NOT sold as second hand products for re-use.

If your used computer products are still in good working order and current enough to be used effectively in New Zealand we encourage you to pass them onto a good home such as a family member, friend or charity instead of bringing them to us.

The computer manufacturers who fund TechCollect NZ also have policies in place to maximise reuse opportunities for product returned to them and to minimise waste. TechCollect NZ seeks to recycle products which are truly end-of-life.