Free national e-waste collection service launched for New Zealand

//Free national e-waste collection service launched for New Zealand

Free national e-waste collection service launched for New Zealand

David Benattar, The Warehouse Group Chief Sustainability Officer, Anne Pezaro, Ministry for the Environment and Michael Dudley, TechCollect NZ Senior Policy Manager

Aotearoa’s e-waste management system has been given a boost with the recent launch of a free national e-waste collection and recycling service to run as a pilot programme until the end of 2021.

Managed by local not for profit TechCollect NZ and funded by its members Canon NZ, Dell, Dynabook, HP New Zealand, Microsoft and Toshiba, this free service is available to households and small businesses looking to responsibly manage their end-of-life or unwanted information and communication technology devices.

Partnering with local e-waste recyclers who meet stringent health, safety and environmental standards, TechCollect NZ’s service will ensure at least 90% of valuable resources embedded inside products collected are recovered and re-used in the manufacture of new products.

The service consists of free drop-off points at 16 participating Noel Leeming retail stores nationwide and aims to divert thousands of kilograms of e-waste from landfill.

Michael Dudley, Senior Policy Manager, TechCollect NZ, said,

“We are delighted in the commitment and support shown by our members and Noel Leeming who are helping us tackle the challenge of e-waste management in New Zealand, whilst shaping our transition towards an ongoing regulated system. The collection results of the programme to date demonstrates significant community demand for safe and responsible e-waste recycling options across Aotearoa.”

Consumers and small businesses can now recycle their e-waste through TechCollect NZ. E-waste accepted include items such as laptops, desktops, cameras, mobile phones, tablets and accessories through participating Noel Leeming stores.

All e-waste received through the TechCollect NZ programme is dismantled and processed by The Recycling Group. Data is securely destroyed, and components are sorted into material streams where valuable resources can be rescued to build new products, helping to create a sustainable environment and circular economy.

Coinciding with the free e-waste recycling service offered to consumers and businesses throughout New Zealand is a research initiative.

The lessons from TechCollect NZ’s programme partnership with Noel Leeming will be used to help inform the best options for an ongoing regulated e-waste product stewardship system in New Zealand.

Tasked under the Ministry for the Environment’s Waste Minimisation Fund (WMF) to develop, refine and recommend regulated product stewardship scheme design options for e-waste under New Zealand’s Waste Minimisation Act (WMA), TechCollect NZ is coordinating extensive market research, industry analysis and stakeholder consultation through the new Circular E-Stewards Network.

TechCollect NZ and the Circular E-Stewards Network is seeking feedback and recommendations from a broad range of stakeholders to co-develop a robust regulated national e-waste product stewardship scheme, facilitating a managed and circularity focused approach for all e-waste.

Its findings are expected to be provided to the Ministry for the Environment by 30 June 2021 recommending scheme design options, including proposals for regulations needed to ensure its effective operation. Government will then consult with industry and public alike, taking all considerations into account before reaching a decision.

Further information on the co-design process for recommended regulated product stewardship for e-waste, and TechCollect NZ’s member funded e-waste recycling service can be viewed at

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