The environmental benefits of free e-waste recycling with TechCollect NZ

//The environmental benefits of free e-waste recycling with TechCollect NZ

The environmental benefits of free e-waste recycling with TechCollect NZ

As of 31 July 2022, the TechCollect NZ pilot programme has recovered and recycled over 177 tonnes of information and communication technology (ICT) e-waste, creating a range of positive impacts for Aotearoa’s environment and ecosystems. This major achievement recognises the efforts of numerous individuals, businesses and community groups, and their commitment to a sustainable future.

Established in November 2018, the TechCollect NZ pilot programme is a free national service available to all Kiwi-households and small businesses looking to responsibly recycle their unwanted and end-of-life ICT equipment. According to a recent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of the TechCollect NZ pilot programme, recycling one tonne of ICT e-waste with TechCollect NZ:

Michael Dudley, TechCollect NZ Senior Policy Manager thanks TechCollect NZ’s members, partners, supporters and the communities across Aotearoa for making these impressive achievements possible and invites other like-minded businesses to throw their weight behind TechCollect NZ’s trailblazing efforts.

Dudley says, “So far, TechCollect NZ’s pilot has recycled thousands of the products that our members sell to Kiwi-consumers. We’ve also safely recovered and recycled thousands of ICT e-waste made by other brands who also sell their goods in Aotearoa”.

“TechCollect NZ offers businesses a genuine opportunity to walk the talk when it comes to their ESG commitments and make a real difference on the ground in NZ. TechCollect NZ and our members welcome all e-product manufacturers, importers and retailers to jump onboard as early as possible and help us bridge the gap to 2024 when a regulated scheme is expected to take force. Our core aim is to shape a better future – one we can all be proud to present to our tamariki and mokopuna.”

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