The Warehouse Group takes on e-waste in Aotearoa by joining TechCollect NZ

//The Warehouse Group takes on e-waste in Aotearoa by joining TechCollect NZ

The Warehouse Group takes on e-waste in Aotearoa by joining TechCollect NZ

The Warehouse Group (TWG) joins other TechCollect NZ (TCNZ) members, including Apple, Canon NZ, Dell, HP New Zealand and Microsoft, to reduce the impact of e-waste on New Zealand’s eco-systems. TCNZ membership represents a strong commitment from TWG to the principles of building a circular economy and a sustainable future for Aotearoa.

E-waste is a growing waste problem in New Zealand, with an average of 21.3 kilograms generated per person each year. TCNZ is a not-for-profit organisation leading the co-design process for an effective regulated product stewardship scheme for electrical and electronic products in Aotearoa.

During 2021, TWG worked with TCNZ to deliver a free national e-waste collection and recycling service. The pilot programme is now available at 16 Noel Leeming and six Warehouse Stationery stores across the nation and has recycled over 63,000 kilograms of e-waste since it began in January last year.

By becoming a member, TWG can play a more significant role in helping to expand the mission of the pilot programme and contribute to the future direction of a regulated scheme. Membership will also assist TWG to meet its sustainability goals and vision.

The Warehouse Group Chief Sustainability Officer, David Benattar

The Warehouse Group Chief Sustainability Officer, David Benattar, says the company is proud to further support efforts to build Aotearoa’s e-waste-free future through its TechCollect NZ membership.

“The pilot programme has been successful in diverting a significant amount of e-waste from landfill and we want to do more. Our TechCollect NZ membership will enable us to drive positive change and further support efforts to rid New Zealand of e-waste, alongside other industry leaders.”

“We’re focused on making it as easy as possible for our customers to recycle their unwanted electronic equipment in our stores and are pleased to be a part of this industry-leading e-waste recycling solution”

TCNZ’s members require it to partner with local e-waste recycling service providers who meet stringent health, safety and environmental standards. At least 90% of valuable resources embedded within recovered e-waste are reclaimed and reused as secondary materials in the manufacture of new products, helping to drive circular economy outcomes.

Oliver Hill, TCNZ Director and HP New Zealand Country Manager, acknowledged the significance of TWG joining TCNZ as its first retail member.

“TechCollect NZ’s purpose is fuelled by like-minded businesses working in partnership with government to make progress that helps to reduce the impact of e-waste on the planet, with policies that will work within the Aotearoa market.”

“Having The Warehouse Group join TechCollect NZ is a key milestone given its strength in the technology sector and its genuine focus on creating a more sustainable future. The Warehouse Group brings deep retail relationships across many brands and has millions of consumers through its doors each week. We hope this will enable TechCollect NZ’s recycling service to reach more Kiwis as well as further grow our member base.”

The addition of TWG as a member is a major milestone for TCNZ, recognising the success the programme has enjoyed since its establishment in 2018. It also represents the growing level of acceptance and support the programme has received across the nation from businesses, government authorities and local communities.

TCNZ is trusted by some of New Zealand’s leading brands to help them achieve their ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) objectives.

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